How are you doing everybody and welcome to another exciting edition of the slot machine museum, our Halloween marathon? I’M sorry, I had to do it, I’m sub-zero, he didn’t realize it, but you know his victory stand. I really don’t have the muscles for it, but that’s okay. I always wanted to go in as sub-zero anyway. Today we’re taking a look at a classic WMS slot machine called count money count.

Money is kind of like a came out at around the same time as Wolverton or maybe it came out before Wolverton and then count money. I have to show these off sorry and then a Wolverton came out after coke money. I don’t know the timeline god yeah. I don’t know the timeline of the game, so let’s go ahead and take a look at count money all right. This is count money. We are celebrating the month of October by reviewing some slot games that have Halloween themed around it, and this is count money.

So let’s go ahead and take a look at the pay table already love it. I already love it. Alright, our our count. Money is our top symbol and we also have wild that do not have any value to them, so they probably count as count money. I absolutely love that okay, so we have a mystery wild feature. If we get the mystery, wilds will change one to fifteen symbols on the rails into wild, and then we have a tombstone feature which rewards one times two times and then we have the count.

Money bonus, which is a tick bonus. The mystery wild feature which is scattered on will three will trigger the mystery wild feature. The tombstone, if two scattered bonus symbols appearing on one, three or five, will trigger the tombstone feature, and this is the count money bonus telling you about the tix bonus. There’S our 25 pay line very nice, and that just tells you about the very nice.

Let’S go ahead and put about 130 bucks into the machine, and we will do a little bit of lie play. Our max bet is two dollars and fifty cents or to play all all 25 line blows yeah. This game reminds me a lot like yogurt. In a little bit, except for the different theme, the promisee very different than vulgar things, I love the reason again to find the real skin very gothic red perfect for a Dracula. This is the deal that I’ve never seen in the casino or played in the casino.

So when I received my polishing, I got the software for count money and I fell in love with this game. So this isn’t the first time I’ve played this game, but I haven’t played this in a long time, so it kind of feels a little new to me a little bit familiar but still kind of move. We’Re looking for two or more of the bonus. The moment title like Wolverton, where you can triple the bonus, if you fumble all three will get the double double well, I believe those are the things that forget about and if we get a lot of mystery wild in the center rule, which is real free, I Put out a dismal, why so low we kind of fun all the symbols are the Phantom anus or the hand-drawn very well done for the scene. They are, cannot money, symbol, irritable and loyal, or card symbols, which is great all right. One very nice that had the anticipation sound for our boat, all right, there’s one hundred and thirty dollars and so far we’re not doing that.

Well, looking pretty good all right, so we’re going to touch the screen or any button the search feature. Let’S go. I love the music, it sounds very simplest.

It sounds like Daniela, music, all right. Everyone, six is always very good bit, and that is a fun feature. If you like, take bonuses and listen to game for you, I personally know they’ve been a big bonus like this game, so I can’t complain this kid came out of that 2006-2007 Amy.

It is a classic WMS boom. They never updated the spoon to join and full-name a little proxy being bigger, upgraded to run on newer hardware, an Asian or white screen like this is a white screen right here like this Overson. They updated it to run on newer hardware. So this thing is running our old hard memory and I do wish they had updated, look and the newer stuff is doing so. The top stream will feature the glass.

Unfortunately, the state overhauled the bottoms for them to play. The top screen quiet recommend when it was in the casino they’ll, have actual black with the graphics, and I really like what they did with the simple deal with the bass. Biter very gothic feel good, and the background is so absolutely beautiful.

The Colby rasmus’s l can be a little bit of a customer, at least the printer Bellomo. The full different remain level. I really like the castle artwork all right come on. We need a bonus, one little side project, all right down to $ 50 and we had really good friend to kill for the first period of Ebonics and over a third of the food falls deeper. We get brittle. I could never remember.

It was like one of them all. Oh, come on all right, we’re down to $ 20, not looking good in our lives playing here. We are celebrating the month of October for Halloween themed games and I absolutely love Halloween so plainly being very month. Apologies good!

But you got ta join a sustain coming so under $ 10, just about ten come on Mia bonafide, all right, let’s put some more money and see if we can’t get a bonus, mr Wilde, featuring a touchscreen or only one to start, let’s go! Thank you guys! Very much all right, let’s keep going for a moment come on down it way to pick. One voting is exactly like origin: how to trigger the phone. Now it’s different now this info up. We are going to flip car rims.

Here we do not want to get the garland and if we find tail funny here it will assist our multiple-award salad to time very nice. Not it was very effective. Oh No!

Now, if we find another garlic it’ll in the bone, you don’t want to do that. All right, so we want to know, is in that bomb experience more very nice hit sometimes the mystery wild super to pay out for the natural five dollars, but the best one. Yet beautiful all right. We got another free wall feature, let’s see our highest one, all right, awesome, big un!

I did not go this. We had a big celebration and it kind of scared. The shit out of me one point: I would like to point out about the big win, and that is the Florence town of ever, but the music is fan-fucking-tastic. What a good wind all right go ahead and take a look at some of those pay line.

Hit $ 75 for a five of a kind count, money symbol and looks like we had it on two or three liens, fantastic $ 15 hints here and there what a great hit – and it seems like that mystery wild bonus to be very, very profitable, come on. Give me a buck all right, so final thoughts on count money. It seems like this is a game that care like now we got another mystery well see. I want to talk and I can’t talk. It keeps interrupting me – and I was just going to make a point on how this game is a little bit more active than Wolverton more more, MORE thirty bucks, not bad, but what I was saying on final thoughts is: I do love Wolverton a lot.

I think. That’S one of my favorite WMS games. I actually think it’s one of WMS masterpieces in so many ways, but we’re here talking about count, money, watch the Wolverton episode and I’ll explain why.

I think that there’s a WMS master P but count money kind of follows that it’s footsteps a little bit while I don’t think is that it says good as Wolverton as farce. Creativity goes. This is a really solid game. The music’s awesome, the artwork is very gothic and system moves perfectly. You got that nice purple background.

Yes, you do have a pick bonus, but we see that in a lot of games, so comparing it to Overton Wolverton had a very creative feature. That fits a theme perfectly, and this one I, which was the graveyard of tombstones. Maybe I would like this bonus a little bit better. I’M not saying this was a bad game in any way. This is a really solid slot game overall design, brilliant. The count.

Looked awesome I mean I just loved the way he looked, it’s a fun game and if you can find this in casino scale, give it a shot. It’S a lot of fun and I wish you the best of luck, go ahead and leave in the comments below. If you’ve played this in the casino recently and if you’ve done good on it in the past friends of whatever, but I would love to know your feedback on this anyway, this is count money all right guys. That was count money. That was a classic WMS game for our Halloween marathon. That’S why I’m dressed up like a fool, but let’s go ahead and take a look at the score of count.

Lenny. Thank you guys can tell I really like count money. Is it as it is Wolverton? Probably not, but it is a good classic Halloween game and if I see it in the casino I always love to play it. What do you guys think leave in the comments below if you play count money and if you’ve done very well on it or you get shitty, you don’t like the game, you stay away from it.

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