The Different Types of Gamers


Whether they’re escaping to new worlds in role-playing games, embracing the power fantasy of a shooter or simply enjoying competitive gaming, gamers are dedicated and passionate individuals who immerse themselves in virtual worlds. They often exhibit a variety of different qualities that can benefit them in the real world such as being creative, persistent and highly adaptable.

Despite readily available evidence to the contrary, many people hold preconceived notions about gamers, typically depicting them as lonely, anti-social and toxic young men who spend their lives alone in someone’s basement. In reality, gamers are an incredibly diverse group of individuals who can be found all over the world and across every demographic imaginable. They’re also a key component of the video game development process and contribute in a variety of ways.

Gamers can be a valuable resource in our society and have a significant impact on the gaming industry. They bring a wide range of skills to the table such as technical knowledge, problem-solving abilities and an aptitude for teamwork. They’re also often passionate about their gaming and have a keen interest in sharing their knowledge with others. This can be seen through their creation of YouTube channels, Twitch streams and online forums.

With all the positive aspects of gaming, it’s important to remember that gaming can be addictive. This can lead to a lack of sleep, poor diet and social interaction. While it’s not uncommon for individuals to develop a gaming addiction, the good news is that there are steps that can be taken to help them recover.

One of the most common reasons for gaming addiction is stress and anxiety, which can be triggered by stressful situations in real life or a lack of social interaction. The best way to help someone with a gaming addiction is to be supportive and understanding. It’s also crucial to understand why they are playing, rather than jumping to conclusions about their motives and labeling them as ‘addicts’.

Achievers are driven by the desire to gain rewards and achieve high in-game scores. They enjoy playing competitive ranking games and take pride in their gameplay. Achievers have a high self-esteem but can be impulsive at times.

Escapers engage in immersive gameplay to cope with negative moods. They play as a means of escapism and to improve their social skills. Escapers have low self-esteem and may struggle to maintain a balance between gaming and other interests.

Mobile gaming continues to dominate the gaming industry, with 59% of all gamers playing this platform. This persona is the oldest yet, with an average age of over 29 and their largest group falling into the 10-15 year-old age bracket. This persona sees Battle Royale slip to third place in their preferred genre but their top reasons to play remain the same: overcoming challenges with strategic thinking and score chasing. Interestingly, this is the first persona to see a rise in female representation, making up 40% of all gamers compared with 59% male and 1.4% non-binary.