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Updated Celestial Island Guide In 2020

Ever imagined having your own island? A place to relax all by yourself and have lots of buildings and mines that will definitely make you rich? Well, that imagination has come true in the Idle Heroes game. All the players have their very own Celestial Island! This is one of the important celestial heroes you have to keep after you cross level 30. Trust us, you will have a lot of fun watching this island grow with your excellent strategy and management skills. In this Celestial Island guide we will tell you about some heroes and important strategies by which you can improve your game and increasing your winning chances

Overview Of Celestial Island Guide

Idle Heroes is an RPG strategy game where you train your heroes and equip them efficiently to improve their skills and make them powerful. This game definitely grasps your attention and is very popular among kids and adults alike. With the Celestial Island, you can build your very own buildings and upgrade them to obtain gems, magic dust, and gold to progress your game and buy equipments to build up your player skillset. This idle heroes celestial island guide will help you in learning more about your Celestial Island and equip yourself efficiently to advance in the game. Hang on with us till the end and deepen your knowledge of idle heroes using our full-proof idle heroes celestial island guide.

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What Makes Idle Heroes So Special? 

Idle heroes bring out the fantasy to a real-life gaming model. As children, all of us would have imagined heroes and monsters on a crazy little island of our own. Well, if you haven’t imagined this then fascinate about it right away! The game has a very user-friendly flow and we’re sure you’ll soon be obsessed with the game!

Best Heroes For Beginners 

Once you start playing the game, you would have had a lot of confusion as to which hero to use and in which condition. Well, don’t worry about that! Given below is the list of idle heroes hero rankings which are the most beginner-friendly. We advise all beginners to use these to give a kick start to the game.


Updated Celestial Island Guide In 2020
Celestial Island Guide

Norma is the most elementary hero of idle heroes, but yet is a truly effective one. Norma is one of idle heroes best healer. She heals herself along with her weakest ally as she attacks. One can obtain her only by linking their email IDs with the game. She is surely a bonus and should not be missed by any beginner.


Updated Celestial Island Guide In 2020
Celestial Island Guide

She is one of the bigshots of the battlefield and is capable of causing a rampage. She has an imposing effect on the battlefield and her regular attacks can render a great deal of damage. Her max level is 250 and once upgraded, she can become more powerful than ever and would be capable of standing out on the battlefield.

King Barton Celestial Island Idle Hero

king Barton is probably one of the most desired characters in the game. He is mainly known for his power and vast skill set. He has a truly rampaging presence on the battlefield and can cause massive destruction with his powerful blows. Listed below are the characteristic powers of King Barton. He just gets stronger and stronger with every hit and is capable of counter-attacking every hit. He is strong reactive hero and is extremely hard to beat!

Updated Celestial Island Guide In 2020
Celestial Island Guide
  • Hammer’s Verdict – A few Back-line enemies take 100% Attack damage;The damage reduction increases by 15% for 3 rounds and increases Attack by 20% for 3 rounds.
  • Heroic Charge– 4 random enemies take 95% of Attack damage and have a 12% chance of becoming stunned for 2 rounds.
  • The King’s Demeanor  – Increases HP by 15%, Controls Immune by 20%, Damage by 30% If target is stunned and increases Attack by 15%.
  • The Call of The King – When incurring damage from basic attacks or skills, all the enemies have a 45% chance to take 75% of Attack damage from counter-attack.

 Celestial Island Idle Heroes Hero Rankings

Heroes in the game are given specific rankings with respect to their powers. The idle hero tier list 5-star given below will throw more light on idle heroes hero rankings and enlighten you further about the game. This is a characteristic feature about idle heroes, there is a specific idle heroes hero rankings. This helps the players in comparing different heroes of the game.

Celestial Island Idle Heroes Tier list 5 Star

Idle heroes has a tier list which rates their heroes. This helps the players adjudge the power of different heroes according their respective skillsets. Few of the heroes included in idle heroes tier list 5 star include 

  • Aidan
  • Blood Blade
  • corpsedemon
  • walter
  • Amuvour

Idle Heroes Best Healers 

As we had mentioned earlier about starlight. She is one of the idle heroes best healers. Another extremely powerful healer of the game is Vesa. She is also a very powerful healer and can be a useful addition for all players. Be it, beginner, intermediate or expert.

She can truly be justified as idle heroes best healers. The clever healer can easily manipulate HP levels. Moreover, she becomes further strong once her HP level drops below 50%. She keeps healing herself along with her allies which makes her presence on the battlefield increasingly strong. She’s a tough, hard-headed opponent who is truly difficult to kill.

Idle Heroes Stone Guide

In idle heroes celestial islands gems or treasure is called stone. Stone is hence an extremely precious resource in idle heroes. Through this idle heroes stone guide, we shall be briefing you about all the different stones and their importance. Remember, stones in the game are equivalent to treasure and should be preserved!

In the game, stones are classified into tiers, each stone falls into a specific tier according to their preciousness and strength.

  • Blue Stones : 1 to 2 stars, named Twilight Stone
  • Yellow Stones : 1 to 2 stars, named Amber Stone
  • Violet Stones : 1 to 3 stars, named Crystal Stone
  • Green Stones : 1 to 3 stars, named Jade Stone
  • Red Stones : 1 to 4 stars, named Agate Stone
  • Orange Stones : 1 to 6 stars, named Celestial Stone
  • Pink Stone : 1 to 3 stars, named Soul Stone

idle heroes magic dust 

Idle heroes magic dust is a material which is used to upgrade stones in celestial islands. It can be acquired from several areas. Namely Campaign (4-10), Marketplace, Arena, Events. This a highly useful material in the game and could be considered as a perk for the players. 

Idle Heroes Jahra

Jahra is a very cool looking hero and has an astonishing active power. Her power: “evil infestation” is a powerful one and hits 4 random enemies. Moreover, it also has a 20% chance of freezing the enemy for 2 rounds. This makes the Jahra ever dangerous. She also can steal the ability of the opponent and can also heal herself.

Idle Heroes Heartwatcher

Heartwatcher classifies itself to be a supporting hero and is all the more powerful. She works with a watcher mark mechanism. This increases all the damage incurred by the enemy by 20%. She has a highly effective impact on all the enemies and hence casts a strong presence on the battlefield. Once you start using the heartwatcher regularly, you’ll know why she is such an important supporting hero on the warground.

Idle Heroes Monster Guide

Idle heroes monsters are unlocked once you reach the 70th level mark. You can unleash any of the monster upon hitting the required level. At present, idle heroes boasts 7 monsters. Namely,

  • Wolf
  • Griffin
  • Dragon
  • Snake
  • Rock
  • Deer
  • Fox

You must consider monsters as the 7th hero of your line-up. They can increase the durability of your line-up and launch special attacks on the enemy line-up. The perfect combination of heroes is the key to a successful line up.

How Much You Need This To Max a Monster? 

Updated Celestial Island Guide In 2020
Celestial Island Guide

Well, roughly it cost 800M Gold, 144K Chaos Stones and 691K Monster Souls to completely max out a monster. Here is the list of Monsters and their Monster soul requirement-

Wolf : 240 Monster Souls are required to activate him at level 70. 

Owl: It also requires 240 Monster Souls to activate.

Deer:  320 Monster Souls are required to activate him ,and it’s also been said that the Deer team loses to Wolf and Phoenix.

Fox: It requires 320 Monster Souls to activate apart from this Fox team stronger than owl and wolf. 

Dragon: A Dragon can give a tough fight to any other monster team because it requires almost 410 Monster Souls to activate.

Snake: Snake is said to be the best monster in the list by most of the gamers. It requires 410 Monster Souls to activate

Boulder Golem (Rock): It’s a mighty giant and can bear high damage. To activate him it requires almost 40 monster souls

Ice Golem (Ice): According to his name It has the ability to freeze the defence and also stand against high damage. Ice Golem requires 410 Monster Souls to get activated.

Phoenix:  It is Said to be the best Monster for its amazing abilities. A Phoenix requires a total of 410 Monster Souls to get activated.

Wondering, Why Phoenix is said to be the best Monster?

To be honest, the reason behind this could surprise you. 

Phoenix is a kind of a hybrid monster having the characteristics of both Wolf and Deer. Apart from giving a decent amount of damage it also heals up your heroes while an attack. 


Now that you have gone through the idle heroes celestial islands guide completely. You must have gotten a fair bit of ideas about idle heroes hero ranking, idle heroes monsters and other different aspects of the game. So what are you waiting for? Play the game already and ace it! Happy gaming folks!


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