5 Best Free Mobile Games for Mobiles

A mobile games is a generic term used to describe any game which is usually played on a mobile cell phone. The term is also used to describe any games which are played over any portable electronic device, such as by cell phone, laptop, pda, tablet to PSP, portable music player or personal digital assistant (PDA). Today, most people prefer to play mobile games on their cell phones because they are smaller, easier to carry and more versatile. Cell phones which are equipped with GPS and bluetooth technologies allow users to play mobile games while traveling, hiking, camping, flying etc.

mobile games

There are several types of mobile games, namely action, adventure, arcade, carom, cooking, fantasy, racing, simulation, sports and puzzle. Mobile phone manufacturers are releasing different models every year with new features and capabilities. Most popular and leading mobile phone manufacturers include Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG and HTC.

Flip skater – Flip skaters are an excellent choice for an outdoor activity game due to the excellent graphics and smooth gameplay. In Flip skater you can create your own team consisting of up to 4 players. You can also buy or download several different themes from the official site to personalize your phone. The single player game has several different types of challenges which will keep the players entertained for several hours. The graphics and sound effects are excellent and you can feel like you are really on water!

Card Games – With the popularity of online card games, mobile gaming is on its way to big popularity. Some of the popular games are: Hold’em, Freecell, trivia card games and word games such as Scrabble. Freecell is an addicting game where you take turns laying cards down in rows, winning the game when all the cards have been laid out. This is one of the best free mobile games and also the most addictive.

Weather – Mobile devices today are equipped with sensors which make the weather forecast and predictions available to users. Several websites have launched weather applications for mobiles including: Google Maps, Yahoo! Android, Facebook and many others. These apps provide a useful and entertaining weather forecast and can be obtained free of cost. Some of these apps can be installed directly to mobile devices and some can be downloaded through the Internet to provide enhanced functionality to your mobile games.

Location-based Gaming – With location-based mobile games, you get to enjoy a number of interactive and unique mobile games that depend solely on the location of the player. As mobile devices are designed with GPS technology, they can pin point your exact location and give you the opportunity to play a different game based on where you are. Some of these games are fitness based where you need to exercise and build stamina to move up the levels; while others may just be shooting based on real life situations and hence you need to sharpen your skills and shoot at the targets. There are so many location-based mobile games available on the Internet and the mobile games industry is growing rapidly day by day.