Minecraft is a game that lets you build anything you want in a 3D virtual world. Whether you’re constructing a castle, an amusement park, an underground hideout or a spaceship, the possibilities are limitless!

The game has been around for over a decade, and it’s still a hit with kids everywhere. Even so, it’s important for parents to understand the game and its underlying mechanics.


In Minecraft, players can explore and create their own ‘worlds’ by manipulating blocks that represent the natural landscape of the game. The ‘worlds’ are divided into three types: the Overworld, which is a bright, colorful and accessible play-space; the Nether, a dark parallel world filled with lava and dangerous monsters; and Creative Mode, which allows players to do whatever they please without worrying about their health or fending off zombies and spiders.

Worlds are built by dragging blocks into the world’s map, and then stacking them together in different ways to create structures. Various items can be placed on the world’s surface to alter it, including tools and weapons.

A variety of ores can also be found in the world, such as wood and iron. Some can be mined with a wooden pickaxe, but others require more sophisticated tools.


Combat in Minecraft is simple; you swing a sword or shoot an arrow, and you can block with a shield (though it’s not as effective as a sword). The only other way to deal damage is to attack with your hands, which will take a lot of stamina.


There are plenty of animals in the Minecraft world, and they’re all friendly – even some that will drop food and restore your health! They are a great way to earn extra resources, but remember that they can attack you too, so you may want to use a little tact.


The best way to survive in Minecraft is by creating a shelter, which will provide you with protection from the elements and help you stay warm during the cold winter nights. This can be done by gathering coal, wood and cobblestone.

Creating the best shelter is a matter of experimenting with different materials and combinations until you find one that works for you. It’s worth bearing in mind that the world is constantly changing, so your shelter will have to change with it.

In survival, it’s a good idea to build your shelter before nightfall. That way, you’ll have a chance to escape any potential attacks from the mobs that come out after dark.


Unlike most fighting games, combat in Minecraft is quite simple. You can fight with your hands, though there are some weapons you can purchase in the store. You can also craft a shield, and some armor will help you defend against arrows and attacks.

You’ll want to try to avoid a sword fight, as you can take a lot of damage from them. It’s also important to remember that some enemies have a higher defense than others, so you’ll need to use your best strategy.