How to Get Started With Minecraft


A video game that’s been a phenomenon since its launch in 2011, minecraft allows players to create and explore worlds of limitless possibilities. The sandbox title is one of the most influential in gaming history, and it’s popular among children and adults alike.

Unlike most games, Minecraft doesn’t come with a set of instructions or a stated objective — instead, players are free to explore and build however they choose. It’s often compared to virtual Lego, and it’s easy to see why. It’s available on computers, smartphones, tablets, Xbox, and Playstation.

How to get started with minecraft

The first step in getting started with Minecraft is purchasing and installing the game on your device. Once you’ve done this, open the app and tap Play. From there, you can select a world or create a new one by tapping the New World option.

You’ll then be prompted to enter a name for your world and set the difficulty level. Typically, the higher the difficulty level, the more challenging it will be to survive. However, fighting mobs isn’t a main focus of the game and actively seeking out combat should be avoided at all costs.

Players can also use the New World tab to adjust other game options. This is usually done before launching the game and can be used to change a variety of settings, including how the game is played (e.g., whether you want to automatically create villages or not).

Once you’ve created your world, start by generating an area that’s large enough to build in. Then, gather your resources. Wood is essential for the building process and can be found by punching trees until they break into blocks. Stone is also necessary for building, and can be gathered by mining it from the ground with your pickaxe. Food can be gathered by killing animals or foraging in the wild. Once you have your building supplies, head into the wilderness to begin exploring.

You’ll find various biomes in the game, each with their own flora and fauna. Some are dangerous, such as lava or water, while others are not. As the day progresses, hostile mobs spawn and can attack you, so it’s important to have a shelter built in case this happens.

You can also find and join a multiplayer world to interact with other people online. This is easier on consoles, where you can add friends by using their gamertag or player ID; it’s a little more complicated on mobile devices and PC systems, though there are mods to help with this. Having the ability to collaborate with others in the same game is what really makes minecraft stand out from similar titles. It’s also been reported that the game can be therapeutic, helping children with autism to better connect with other people. In a recent article, author Keith Stuart wrote about how his autistic son was able to connect with other children by playing Minecraft together.