How to Get Started in Minecraft


A hugely popular video game that has become a global phenomenon, minecraft is a block-based multiplayer action-adventure title where players can choose how they’d like to play. While many players choose to focus on intricate building and contraptions, the game also offers a wealth of other activities, including exploring the world and fighting hostile monsters. The game’s popularity has been helped by habitual updates that expand the game’s content in exciting directions.

Players can start a new game in one of three modes: Creative, Survival or Adventure. In Creative mode, players have unlimited access to the game’s resources and can build anything they like. In Survival mode, however, players must rely on themselves and the game’s environment to survive, as hostile creatures known as mobs are constantly attacking. Players must gather food and craft weapons to fight the mobs.

To get started, open the Minecraft app and select Play Game. From here, players can select the world they wish to play in by pressing the button on their controller that’s labelled with a world map icon or clicking the Create New World option at the top of the menu. From here, the player can choose their preferred game mode, as well as adjust the game settings if they’d like to do so.

The first day in the world of minecraft can be a bit overwhelming for new players as they are immediately thrown into a dangerous and unforgiving environment. They need to collect resources and fend off hostile mobs that come out at night, which can cause damage and even death.

It’s recommended that players first explore their environment and collect essentials such as wood, stone, coal, iron and wool. These are used for crafting a variety of items including weapons, armor and furniture. It’s also a good idea to collect sand and gravel, as these are needed for building floors and walls in houses.

Once players have collected enough materials, they can begin to craft more advanced tools and equipment. It’s important to protect the player from hostile mobs early on in the game, so it’s worth collecting a few different types of armor and weaponry. Leather, iron and diamond armor can all be crafted, as can the sword that is needed to destroy hostile mobs.

In addition to the sword, it’s worth creating a few torches, as these can be placed almost anywhere in the game to generate light and prevent any mob spawning in that area. Coal can be gathered by hitting trees and smelted into charcoal, which is then used for crafting torches as well as in furnaces.

The last thing to do before beginning to explore the world is to make a bed, as this will allow players to bypass the risky night-time cycle and remain safe while they sleep. A bed also resets a player’s spawn point after they die, meaning that when they re-enter the world, they can do so without having to start from scratch.