How Mobile Games Can Boost Our Brain Power

mobile games

Whether it’s an endless race through the streets of Tokyo or a battle in the skies over Moscow, mobile games are more than just fun – they can boost our brain power and help us connect better with people from all over the world. From simple puzzle games like Candy Crush to more complex simulators and even online casino games, the options are vast and diverse. The games can also be played in a convenient way as all you need is a mobile phone and a fast internet connection to begin playing.

The gaming industry is booming and there is no doubt that mobile games have played an important part in this development. Many researchers have shown that engaging in gameplay can actually be beneficial to one’s mental health, with the benefits being far-reaching and diverse. Regardless of the genre, mobile games have proven to be an effective tool in the fight against stress and depression by providing individuals with an escape into a virtual realm that can be enjoyed at any time, wherever they may be.

In addition, the popularity of multiplayer mobile games has fostered social interaction and helped people form stronger relationships with other gamers around the globe. Games such as Angry Birds and Plants vs Zombies have become a platform for players to bond with their friends, while other games like Pokemon Go have made use of the capabilities of augmented reality to connect people with their surroundings, allowing them to battle and capture cute critters right where they are.

For those suffering from hand-eye coordination issues due to physical ailments or psychological disorders, mobile gaming can act as a sort of therapy, helping them to strengthen and improve their dexterity. The same goes for individuals who are challenged by cognitive functions, such as memory retention and spatial awareness. Games like these, typically from the puzzle or strategy genres, challenge players to think ahead and devise effective strategies, thus serving as a brain-training exercise for them.

Mobile gaming has also been found to serve as a great confidence booster for people who struggle with self-esteem. The gratifying feeling of victory when beating an enemy or overcoming a tricky level can be a huge boost to one’s confidence, helping them feel empowered and positive about their own abilities. This is something that has been spotted in children with autism, who have reported an increase in their sense of independence and confidence after winning at a game of their choice.