Gamers Are More Than Just a Hobby

Gamers are passionate about their games, usually forming strong bonds with fellow gamers and spending significant time in game communities. They also tend to be very intelligent people and have a natural gift for understanding how their brains work and how they can train them better. However, gaming can be addictive and can take over a person’s life to the point where they miss out on exercise, real-life socializing, and other important things. It’s crucial to understand why people play video games so we can be more empathetic and helpful in helping them break their addictions.

Often, gamers are not treated well by society because of preconceived notions about them. There’s the stereotype of the lonely, anti-social young man wasting his or her life in some basement playing video games. While many gamers fall into this category, most do not. Gamers are more than just a hobby and they are a big part of modern culture.

In the United States, over 80% of the population between ages 10 to 65 plays video games and they have a larger percentage of the market than TV and other forms of entertainment. This is because video games are fun and can be used to train skills, but they can also be a way to escape from everyday stressors and have some fun. The main reason that people play video games is to get a sense of accomplishment or enjoyment from their virtual worlds. This could be earning achievements in a multiplayer game or just beating a challenge. For those who are more serious about their gaming, they will enter competitions and become a pro gamer. These types of gamers usually start out in more novice tournaments such as online public games, but then move on to more exclusive leagues and eventually pro competitions.

The Enthusiast persona makes up 5% of the gaming community and they are essentially a less-involved version of the Ultimate Gamer and the Explorer personas. This group prefers single-player games, and they will spend a lot of money to maximize their immersion into those games. They enjoy exploring the detailed game worlds and strategy/tactical gameplay, but they don’t feel the need to have the latest hardware.

Lastly, the Explorer persona makes up just over 4% of the gaming population and they value socializing in their games. This is typically done by chatting with other gamers in a party chat or in MMORPGs where they can go on adventures together. They prefer RPGs in particular because of the ability to customize their character and interact with NPCs. They also have a strong desire for excitement and adrenaline in their gaming experiences. This persona may be a little more prone to getting addicted to video games because of the fast-paced action that they offer.