Do You Know What Kind of Gamer You Are?


In the United States, there are roughly 57 million gamers, or one in 10 adults. They range in age from 18 to 80 and are predominantly male. Young men make up 27% of the total population, while those in their late teens and early twenties make up 20%. Women make up 41% of the total population and account for nearly half of the gaming industry. This shift in demographics has resulted in a number of challenges for game publishers.

As a result, mainstream thinkers and realists are divided over whether gamers have tangible benefits or detrimental effects. There is no doubt that video games are a huge public pastime, but scientific research has shown that they are not necessarily turning people into psychopaths. The key to a healthier society is to recognize that the benefits of games are real, not theoretical. While they may not be able to provide you with a cure for schizophrenia, they do give you a tangible boost in your brain.

A survey by Slate Magazine reveals that the average gamer in the United States is divided into four types: Time Fillers, Bargain Buyers, and Ultimate Gamers. Of those, two-thirds consider themselves as Bargain Buyers. While two-thirds of the population prefer AAA games, the other third are Gamergate fans and are constantly on the lookout for a good deal. The top three types of gamers include Time Fillers, Time-Savers, and Bargain Buyers. The remaining ten percent, however, are Ultimate Gamers. They spend a considerable portion of their spare time playing games, and while these people are antisocial in public, they are also connected to the gaming community.

Gamers are a diverse group. The vast majority of gamer groups are organized around a formal leader. Clans are a way for like-minded people to connect in remote gaming communities. While some gaming clans are made up of professional gamers, the majority are made up of like-minded individuals who get together for a common cause. This makes them more interesting to watch and play with. So, do you know what kind of gamer you are?

The majority of gamers are men. Regardless of the gender, males are more likely to have more free time than females, and women are more likely to play fantasy games than hard-core shooters. Nevertheless, gender-specific differences are more common than you might think. And there are many women in the gaming industry than in the general population, which makes it even more attractive than ever for women. In fact, they are in a different group altogether.

According to a recent article in Slate Magazine, the average gamer is the type of person who plays hard-core shooters and fantasy games. The majority of gamers are tech savvy and put little effort into fashion or personal hygiene. Their gaming habits are also very anti-social in the real world. But these characteristics are only a fraction of what these gamers do. They’re all connected, and they’re not limited to their favorite genres.