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Top 5 Horizon Zero Dawn Best Armor

what are the top five most awesome horizon zero dawn  armor or outfits let’s break it down in this article — my personal pick so of course your opinion can be different please let me know your top five in the comments down below also I didn’t include the pre-order outfits for two reasons 

  • I don’t have them so I can show you them in the same quality as the other outfits 
  • Not everyone will be able to get them as well unless they like yeah put them in the store maybe they will do it eventually hurt no ties to humor the game director talked about it but right now there are no plans so it would suck that if you watch this video and think oh that’s an awesome armor I want to get it and then you can’t. 

Lets Check it out here Top 5 Horizon zero Dawn Armor

5. Banuk Ice Hunter heavy Outfit.

Top 5 Horizon Zero Dawn Best Armor
Horizon Zero Dawn Best Armor

   Banuk Ice Hunter heavy is an outfit that has something that not a lot of outfits do or not all outfits have in a cool way like this . It has Cured hide and fur interwoven with machine parts to  protect the player from Freeze damage. Its head is namely robot Dino inspired and covers almost the whole face with blue straps.

 I really like this because like I already said not all of horizon zero dawn armors have this machine inspired parts on the outfit. You want to use this outfit about 40-50 eyes damage resistance yes it says 100, but that still because of the current bug in the game. Anyway I love the style of this outfit. Now move to no. 4.

Use:  This armor is used to increase the freezing resistance of the player. It is Best against when fighting machines with ice projectiles and attacks such as Snapmaws, Glinthawks, Freeze Bellowbacks and Frostclaws.

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4. Carja Silk Heavy Armor

 like the carja  heavy my number 4 in the top 5 best and most awesome looking outfits in horizon zero dawn carja silk heavy is an armor that I used a lot before I got the other armor with three modification slots. Made from Meridian’s finest silks, leathers, and machine parts, this outfit offers little protection but is highly customizable

It also looks really stylish I really like the combination of the yellow rat and light blue and I’m sort of crown the head that sometimes shines in the Sun which is a great catch looking good 

Uses — This armor does not provide much resistance But ,this outfit provides one additional modification slot compared to outfits of the same level. This allows the player greater ability to customize damage mitigation.

3. Carja blazon heavy Armor 

Top 5 Horizon Zero Dawn Best Armor
Horizon Zero Dawn Best Armor

Number 3 is the most sexy outfit in the game carja blazon hand heavy sexy because you see a lose belly and that’s the only armor to choose to shoot in loose belly. This outfit is designed to protect the player from fire damages.

This outout it’s not my favorite though because it’s not really handy in combat it’s great for as fire resistance.But maybe when guerrilla games add some sort of dragon type machine then this will be handy because when I can find a fire bellow back perfectly without this armor without the fire resistance so this will just be an awesome armor to enjoy in the Sun

Use.  this outfit is best used when fighting machines with Fire projectiles and attacks such as Longlegs, Tramplers, Fire Bellowbacks and Scorchers, or humans with ranged fire attacks.

 2.shield weaver Armor

Top 5 Horizon Zero Dawn Best Armor
Horizon Zero Dawn Best Armor

The most powerful armor horizon zero dawn is my number two “shield Weaver” an armor with no modifications but in the fact that can easily make every outfit in the game look bad it protects you versus incoming damage a lot of incoming damage when the amazing blue lights that shine over the armor till  red they have to be careful because they will be able to get hit and that will be really painful.

since like I said you have no modification so no damage resistance but still if you just play normally, use it great try to dodge incoming attacks the enemies in horizon zero dawn will bow for you.

 oh and it’s also great against fall damage depending on the height of course. It is agreat armor you don’t want to buy number five, four and three are purchasable in the vendor ingredient you need a special quest for this one.

Uses:  This armor do not provide much protection from the attacks, this suits has hexagonal projections which emits a blue glowing energy which blocks the substantial damages. Even from the Thunderjaw’s normally devastating attacks. 

1.Shadow stalwart Armor

Top 5 Horizon Zero Dawn Best Armor
Horizon Zero Dawn Best Armor

 that’s why my number one is the horizon zero dawn special armor  in the game the shadows stalwart heavy trust me you want it because it has not too modification slots like almost every other purple armor except for the carja heavy my number 4 in this top five outfits but this shadow stalwart heavy also has protection against blinding from the Watchers, well cart is just so happy only has the three modifications slots and come on look at it. It’sbad-ass am I right? this is the only armor that makes a lloyd look like a fierce warrior that all the machines are managed need to fear and they really shoot I mean at level 50 with a large blast lane no one is safe in front of it.

Use: It keeps player immune to certain status effects. Best used when engaging enemies with attacks that disable Aloy, such as Watchers or Longlegs.


There are other more armors alternatives out there, the armors that I referenced above have demonstrated the most valuable during my experience with the game. I am certain to refresh this rundown if any new data emerges, and a few clients may locate that other armor sets turn out better for them relying upon their picked playstyle.


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