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The Forest Best Weapons For Survival And How To Get Them!

There are many weapons in the forest, and they vary in type. Weapons can include axes, combat weapons, projectiles and different kinds of ammunition. In addition to the different types of weapons, modifications can be used to change the speed, damage, and increase the damage caused by fire.

The Forest Best Weapons Currently Available

The Forest Craft 

The forest craft is the forest melee weapon and one of the best weapons. It has medium stats and is a slow weapon like other clubs. The weapon does seven damage per hit and has a speed of 2, but impressively, it has a blocking value of 9, which gives it the appearance of a modern axe, making it a very effective weapon. Fortunately, the Crafters Club makes it easy with a simple stick and skull.

Modern Axe

The next step is the Modern Wood Axe. The modern axe is not only a good weapon, but it is also beneficial for felling trees. Like the Craft Club above, the Modern Axe does seven damages. There is only one place in the game where you can get a modern axe, which is in the air cave.

The Forest Best Weapons For Survival And How To Get Them!
The Forest Best Weapons

Upgrading the Forest Axe

The consensus is that you don’t want to slow down the axe, and the extra damage is suitable for weapons that are already heavy. However, I usually use all the exploits of my modern axes. They always hit well (although they don’t kill mutants in 2 blows like an axe with 30 shots), and you can put a few ogres in a lock like a katana.

However, the most useful thing is the speed at which you can cut down trees. Thanks to the high mobility and the 30 glass axe, you can clear large forest areas in no time without using explosives.

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The latest weapon on our list is the Katana. The Katana doesn’t do much damage, especially compared to the other weapons on this list. It does only 5 1/4 damage per shot, but it compensates for its lack of speed. The Katana has a rate of 7 1/4 and can swing very quickly.

If you have a full attack, you can hit several enemies at once. You can find the Katana in the Cave of the Dead, you won’t have to face mutants to get it, so it’s not a problem.

The Forest Best Weapons For Survival And How To Get Them!
The Forest Best Weapons

Location Of Katana

The Katana is located in the Cave of the Dead (Cave 1). It is one of the most comfortable items because you don’t have to face cannibals or mutants to get it. To get the Katana, enter through the easternmost entrance of Cave 1 (located here), which is near the river.

New forest weapon (Upgraded Spear)

The Upgraded Spear can be used as a tool, a melee weapon or a ranged weapon, making it suitable for most situations. It has a no-kill zone, making it ideal for individual combat with melee attacks and spear throws. The disadvantage of this spear is that it cannot block attacks.

Statistically, the enhanced spear does six damage per hit, which is slightly less than the other weapons on this list, but at a speed of 8, you can take a weak spear and add two cloths and three dice to make an enhanced spear.

Modern bow

Finally, the modern bow is the best of all bows in the forest. It shoots arrows as ammunition and comes in various forms, including bone arrows, missile arrows, poison arrows and regular arrows. Modern bows have a more excellent range, do more damage, have faster arrows and are more accurate than bush bows. Bows are also useful for keeping a certain distance from the enemy and are useful for stealth attacks.

The Forest Best Weapons For Survival And How To Get Them!
The Forest Best Weapons

Location of Modern bow 

The modern bow can be found in the cave that leads to the bottom of the abyss. Once you arrive in the open part of the cave where you want to fight the two Virginias, you will have to use the Recycler in the deep pool that leads to a small cave with no exit. The Recycler is right next to the tent, where you can also find ammunition and fuel for your weapon.

For those who do not know where the entrance to the cave of collapse is, the entrance to this cave is located on the northwest side of the map, on the other side of the land bridge between the shore and the lake. It is a climbing type entrance, not a rope.


1. What is the best weapon in the forest?

  • Plane axe: found by the stewardess in the central plane.
  • 2. climbing axe: found in caves, used for climbing.
  • Stone axe: made of sticks, rope and stones.
  • Modern axe: found in rocks on the beach.
  • Stun gun: found in the hand of a dead pilot in the nose of an aeroplane.

2. Where do I find better weapons in the forest?

For players looking for the best weapon for one-on-one combat, the improved spear is the perfect weapon for their arsenal. Players begin by building a weak spear (two wooden sticks are required). Once a player has a spear, they combine the weak spear with two pieces of cloth and three bone pieces to create an improved spear.

3. Is the Katana good for the forest? 

The Katana is a melee weapon with a swift swing. However, compared to other weapons, the Katana’s damage is limited. For example, the tennis racket does relatively little damage, but it can be improved to do more and uses less stamina than the Katana (although slower).


Survival is the key, so it is essential to have the best weapons and stockpile them in your arsenal. However, there are insufficient weapons that are valued the time players spend hunting and upgrading. To survive in the forest, players must have the best weapons. Above are the five best weapons for players and where to find them.



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