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The 9 Best Websites for Nintendo Gamers

Starting from making handmade playing cards to making most popular games and consoles, Nintendo has come a really really long way and dominated the gaming industry for decades. 

And let’s look at it with the intro of the Switch and Cost-Effective switch lite and those hybrid models which are now becoming identical with Nintendo Gaming. 

That status was formally established with the cease of 3DS in September 2020.

With that continuing discussions, let’s have a look at the best websites representing online coverage of Nintendo and Nintendo Switch.

1.  Deku Deals 

The 9 Best Websites for Nintendo Gamers
Websites for Nintendo Gamers

Although with the status of one of the best on globe, Nintendo Switch eshop is still in process of improving it’s feature of wishlist so we can also add some words that it’s services is still in developing stage and are with some lacks too. 

So DEKU DEALS is here to deal with the problem.

With an all-inclusive data-archive of 5000+ Switch Games, Deku Deals allows us to create more number of collections and wishlist either for us or for others! Every game available can be arranged and filtered by all categories , such as age rating, support for multiplayer and remember that everything is arranged according to your chosen country or region.  

Deku Deals also comes with a package of Price History Tracker through which we can track whether a particular game has been on sale in past time or not. And you can also sign up to get the latest updates related to whether a game price has dropped or not.

2.  Reddit’s R/Nintendo and R/Nintendo Switch

We don’t need to say that Reddit Forum is an institution in itself. As reddit is also known as the homepage of the internet , So Subreddits covers almost every Nintendo related topic you can think of as they have got the most active and millions in number members! 

3. Nintendo Life

The 9 Best Websites for Nintendo Gamers

Basically, it’s a gaming news and gaming reviews site, but additionally it also contains a built-in library in it that allows users to create their bio-profile and score their own collection.

News content is up to date on this site but additionally it also contains a really large and awesome set of videos which covers gaming accessories and hardwares and many many more things!

4. Switch Weekly

The 9 Best Websites for Nintendo Gamers

On the opposite hand, there is Switch Weekly. Basically it’s a one-person operation totally but that does not mean that it lacks in quality.

Switch Weekly focuses on regular news, reviews, and latest releases info in a really good manner. Its main aim is basically covering every corner related to switch gaming and its queries u can think of!

5. Super Rare Games

As all things, entertainment and services have gone towards digital platforms, all the updates , news , releases have become more popular as they were never before. And there is no other good platform then Super Rare Games for Nintendo Switch buyers.

Between this to that , everything has been made available on Super Rare Games Releases limited physical copies of popular indie games.

6. Metacritic

Metacritic has a lot more things to offer than just Nintendo Games.

This site is almost 20 years old and has been through many controversies during its spam. Still it has a very huge range of reviews and publications in it.  Additionally if an expert review has been published anywhere, most probably it’s included here.

7. NSG Reviews

Out of all the news and reviews sites , NSG is most probably the best in one. It’s design is very mobile and user friendly and aims to focus on users reviews.

8. GoNintendo

Oh yes after hearing the name you find it little outdated but from starting it is run by the same peoples and their same talented hands so we can ignore the outdated fact.

This site contains reviews, news and also an active account of twitter for its community. This site is basically a work of an high level and extremely dedicated fan who is always seen to cover Nintendo as long as it is releasing new games and consoles.

9. My Nintendo

This site has services related to news which promotes various merchandise and offers. When u sign up for an account on this site, it will give you various offers and points from purchasing of games to simply signing in.

That’s all for the day. We hope u like the info related to your passion.

Stay Tuned For More Updates!


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