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Simple Guidelines For Getting The Dead Cell Bell Tower Keys

Motion Twin developed and published an action-packed video game named Dead Cells which attracts all children and even adults. This is a Metroid Vania- style game that allows you to explore a series of dungeons and fight the creatures using collected weapons, skills, abilities, and money. You can collect dropped cells by defeated enemies which helps you to increase your power, skills, abilities, and weapons. The special keys are the biggest secret in the dead cells game. It is necessary to collect different keys for passing to the next level. In this article, we discuss the types of keys and guidelines for finding dead cell bell tower keys with useful points.

Types of keys in Dead cell:

There are nineteen types of keys in this action game. They are:

  1. Dead cells Architect’s Key
  2. Dead cells Clockwork Key
  3. Dead cells Gardener’s Key
  4. Dead cells Moonflower Key
  5. Dead cells Iron cells Key
  6. Dead cells Old Service Key
  7. Dead cells Village Key
  8. Dead cells Clockmaker’s Key
  9. Dead cells Bell Tower Key
  10. Dead cells Graveyard Key
  11. Dead cells Crypt Key
  12. Dead cells Castle Key
  13. Cavern key dead cells
  14. Dead cells Garland Key
  15. Dead cells Allen Key
  16. Dead cells Elevator Key
  17. Dead cells Apex key
  18. Dead cells Dilapidated Arboretum Key
  19. Dead cells Distillery Key

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But ,In this article we only talked about the dead bell cell tower keys, that how do you get it and from where you find it.

How to find a bell tower key?

On playing dead cells, the one-time player may wonder about how to get the dead cells bell tower keys? While exploring the bell tower area, it may be possible that every player will stumble across a mysterious door that cannot open without a key. It is a great challenge for every player for getting the bell tower key to unlock this door.

First, they need to reach the bell tower series of levels. If players want to open the door that requires the bell tower key, then they need to search for that key and getting in their hands. Players should keep in mind that levels change every time they enter and exit in dead cell games. We suggest them to repeat the following steps a few times to get the dead cells bell tower keys

Simple Guidelines For Getting The Dead Cell Bell Tower Keys
Dead Cell Bell Tower Keys

It is important to investigate the clock tower and search for four bells which are scattered in different places of the level for finding dead cells clock tower keys

Initially, they may think that these bells offer no benefit to them. But when they interact with it, they will get four tones from these bells and each tone is different from the others. The tones coming out of the bells with different variations like series of notes slowly going higher on higher. 

It is important that they need to hit these bells in order which means from highest tone to lowest tone. But they must do it with less time. First, they map the dead cells bell tower key locations of each bell placed in a different location and find out which bells have the highest and lowest tone.

 After finding its tone, then activate one by one. The dead cells bell tower keys will be provided when activating all these bells in the right order. Immediately, they should rush to the door and use the dead cells keys to open it. 

Behind the door, players will find a blueprint. Collect this blueprint and rush to the collector for identification and it will be revealed to be the punishment shield. Punishment shield can be reflecting the damage aimed at them and sending it out to their nearby enemies successfully. So, it is more worth collecting dead cells bell tower keys which will make them way back to the Collector.  

What is punishment?

A shield-type weapon that attacks and damages all the nearby enemies of the player when it absorbs incoming damage. The blueprint of the punishment is hiding behind in the puzzle door of the clock tower series. 

Tips to remember for dead cells players:

If you meet an enemy with a yellow exclamation mark, then you immediately roll and avoid the attack. This makes you save your health without loss. 

Simple Guidelines For Getting The Dead Cell Bell Tower Keys
Dead Cell Bell Tower Keys

Try to learn the alternate routes when you start unlocking runes after defeating the powerful enemies and bosses. 

You can earn blue orbs by killing enemies and the game encourages you to spend visiting the collector. We suggest you level up your portion as early as possible which makes you increase your health during the run.

Follow the timings to complete each stage because if you do not open the door within the time limit, then there is a chance of inaccessibility of cells, golds and blueprints, and whatever you get behind the door. 

At the starting point, we suggest you jump left up the wall and roll to enter the secret area. This is because you need to explore yourself for finding the many hidden blueprints which would be missed by most of the dead cell players.

A timed dungeon is one of the daily challenges that change every day. This is a great opportunity to practice and learn to kill enemies and bosses. Sometimes, you may get blueprints after clearing one to ten stages. 

Story rooms allow you to know a little more backstory with each discovery. Story room makes you relax for some time and free from worrying about the clock series. 

You can get better rewards from cursed treasures. But it needs you to kill some enemies which makes you lift a curse. So, you should try to attain this treasure at your own risk. 

Some secrets will be revealed by the small squiggles on the floor. Challenge Rift is free of enemies that aimed to give amazing rewards and prizes with the giant chest. 

Bosses in dead cell :

Dead cells game includes four main bosses which allow you to defeat them without losing any health. From this, you can earn some trophies and rewards. Ice Bow and Turrets are the best weapons to handle these powerful bosses without any difficulty. The concierge, the dead cells timekeeper, Conjunctivitis, and the hand of the king are the different bosses that every player needs to meet in the dead cells game.

Simple Guidelines For Getting The Dead Cell Bell Tower Keys
Dead Cell Bell Tower Keys


We hope that this article will help you to know the way for finding the bell tower keys in dead cells. Share this information with all dead cell game lovers who are struggling to find the bell tower keys to unlock the mysterious door.


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