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All shell shockers codes In Detail

The egg is one of the most loved foods all around the world. Called heuovo in Mexico, anda in India, and egg in the western countries, but imagine the use of eggs as in epic shooting battles? Well, this imagination is brought to use by shell shocker, one of the most talked-about games among kids. The game has taken the gaming market by storm and has established its popularity among children. Now every game has cheats and codes, no wonder even shell shocker codes do exist. Today we shall take a look at shell shockers all codes in detail, stick with us till the end and discover some of the most useful shell shocker cheats which would give you an upper hand over your friends and make you a pro gamer. 

Shell shockers code for eggs

In the game shell shockers, your character is depicted by an egg. We’re sure that you wouldn’t have imagined being an egg even in your wildest dreams. Well, then it’s now a reality the game depicts you as an egg, sounds absurd but trust us it is truly interesting! The primary objective of the game is pretty straightforward, your egg character has a gun and you must shoot other enemy eggs. The game is pretty funny and kids friendly. Shell shockers codes are very rare to be found. The codes are highly important and specifically when you don’t have enough cash to buy exclusive items. You can simply use the cheat codes and make progress in the game! 

All Shell Shocker codes In Detail
Shell Shocker codes

Given below are some of the shell shockers game codes that can help you greatly in the course of the game

Cheesy peas: This is one of the most useful shell shockers code. It is basically a shell shockers gun code. The code once implemented enables your gun to shoot faster. By shooting at a quicker pace, you can gun down more enemy eggs and have an upper hand over your competitors. This is what makes the code one of the most used shell shockers game codes. Use it right away and do much better than your opponents! 

Ratty rat ratty: This is another very important shell shockers game codes. The code is a shell shockers codes for eggs. This is one of the finest codes and could help you greatly during gameplay. The code’s special ability is that it makes your egg character invisible. The opponent eggs cannot see your egg and hence cannot shoot you. The special power makes your egg character inevitable.


All Shell Shocker codes In Detail
Shell Shocker codes

No escape: This is another highly useful shell shockers game code. It is extremely popular among the shell shockers players. The code is instrumental in adding invincible godly powers to your egg character. This again makes your character much stronger than the others. 

Freedelivery: The more the weapons, the better is your chance of winning. This code is hence very necessary. The code is a shell shockers code for guns. Using this code you can get free exclusive arms. The code is very popular among players for its high utility.

Norealguns: This is another shell shockers code for guns.  The code’s basic utility is the activation of free infinite artillery. The code gives you hands-on access to limitless ammo and gives you an upper hand over the other players. We surely recommend you to use this code!


Above, We’ve mentioned a few of the most useful shell shockers codes or cheats. Using these codes will help you progress further in the game and become a much better shell shockers player. We highly recommend you to implement all these codes in your gameplay. It will make you better than your friends and you can flaunt your gaming skills in front of all your friends! Happy gaming! 



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