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Minion Masters Decks ( Compatibility Mode)

Why most of the peoples in the world are interested in playing the minion masters decks?

Most of the peoples are crazier to play video games. For video game lovers, the minion masters decks are one of the fast-paced online games has most opted for them. You can select your hero, build your deck, and outwit the rivals using the mighty minions and sparkling spells.

Minion Masters Decks
Minion Masters Decks

What Are The Types Of The Minion Master’s Beginner Deck?

If you are the beginners to the minion masters decks, you will have to complete the tutorial first. The types of the minion masters beginner deck are given by,

Minion Masters Decks ( Compatibility Mode)

Crossbow guild Stormbringer deck: It is effortless to play for the new players. The crossbow guild Stormbringer deck comprises the elite swarmer, propeller scrats, armored scrats, fireball, annihilator, infiltration, and living statue. The deck cost is 800 shards to craft.

Solid all-around Stormbringer succubus decks: It is a little expensive side. The solid all-round Stormbringer succubus decks are composed of a scrats pack, dragon whelp, plasma marines, fire lmp, fireball, stun lacers, divine warriors, and defense chopper. The deck cost is 1100 shards to craft.

Ultra cheap to craft Stormbringer deck: If you are looking for the cheap minion masters decks, this is most suitable for you. The deck cost is 650 shards to craft. The decks are composed of an illusory cleaver, dragon whelp, warriors, cannon roller, drone buzzers, and scrat tank.

What Are The Rules To Minion Master Deck Builds?

If you want to minion masters deck builds, you should the below-given rules,

  • You should have the average mana cost of the deck should be around 3.5
  • In your deck building, you must have eight minions and two spells.
  • You should have the following counters to play the minion masters: flying, swarm, and big units.
  • To the minion masters, you should have at least two specialized cards.
  • You should plan your strategy to play the game to win the games. You have the strategy on the mana frenzy, early aggression, and more.

What Are The Types Of Minion Master’s Best Cards?

One of the critical factors for playing the minion masters decks is that you should have the minion masters best cards to defeat your enemies in the games. The best cards are given by,

Ratbo: The cost of the ratbo card is 500 shards or 300 rubies. The abilities of the ratbo are giving you fodder to take the attacks. He will do 18 damages per second, and he is also fired continuously to nearby enemies.

Volco: The cost of the volco card is 1000 shards or 525 rubies. He will throw his large hammer at the enemies. Every 2.5 seconds, he will be dealing 40 ground damages. 

Settsu: The coat of the settsu card is 1000 shards or 525 rubies. She is utilizing the powerful pulse rifle attack, and she hits 40 damages per second. 

Ravager: The cost of the ravager card is 1000 shards or 525 rubies. Ravager is countered by the mass number of the minions.

Stormbringer: It is one of the free cards. It will produce a higher attack range. 

King puff: The cost of the king puff card is 1500 shards or 775 rubies. King puff is the heart for the many minion masters deck players. The king puff’s ability is trick swap, switching the position of all minions and stunning hostile.

Mordar: The cost of the mordar card is 1500 shards or 575 rubies. Mortar will hit the enemies on his side.

Morellia: The cost of the morellia card is 1500 shards or 775 rubies. Morelia is a lich queen, and she used the book of the dead. If you are using his book of the Dead Spell, you will have an option to use the four different types of cards. 

Apep: The cost of the apep is 500 shards or 300 rubies. The apep can place the shield of the totem.

Milloween: The cost of the milloween is 1500 shards or 775 rubies. It will introduce the spell-slinging deck strategy in the minion master.

What Is The Ranking Distribution Of The Minion Master Games?

Minion Masters Decks ( Compatibility Mode)
Minion Master Games

The minion master rank is represented by the given below tires.

  • Iron: 7.1%
  • Bronze: 22%
  • Silver: 35%
  • Platinum: 7.9%
  • Gold: 23%
  • Diamond: 2.5%
  • Challenger: 0.017%
  • Master: 0.032%
  • Grandmaster: 0.040%

This is the ranking distribution for the minion masters decks games.

POE Masters Guide:

POE stands for the Path of Exile.

Path Of Exile Hideouts:

The hideouts are unlocked after the freeing of the Halena, and then you can claim your hideouts. There are different types of hideouts available; these are found in the maps and campaigns.

If you want to change the tileset of the hideouts, you will click on the select hideouts option. If you want to visit the other hideouts, you can click the right visit hideouts are displayed on the screen. There are two ways for unlocking the hideouts. They are,

  • While in town, you can typing or hideout in chat
  • If you are using the waypoints, you can access the hideouts icon located in the screen’s bottom right corner.


The decoration is one of the cosmetic additions to the hideouts. The decorations are bought from the master by earning the flavors. 


Masters is one of the special NPCs which can be randomly spawned in the wild, and it can be invited to the hideouts. Each master will offer you a mission, rewards, unique crafting recipes, and a unique mechanism. If you are completing the missions, you will gain the favors used to purchase the decorations.

Master crafting

If you are placing the crafting bench on the hideout, you are ready for master crafting. 

Meta crafting: The meaning of Meta crafting is crafting mods. It has unique modifiers that break the conventional breaking rules. 

What Are The Types Of The Minion Masters Tier List?

There are four types in the minion masters tier list. They are given by,

  • Tier S
  • Tier A
  • Tier B
  • Tier C

What Are The Essential Tips For Playing The Minion Mater Decks?

Minion Masters Decks

The important tips to play minion masters are given by,

  • You must know how to build a solid draft deck.
  • You can swarm your opponent with the help of the flying minions.
  • You must always stack up on the ranged minions.
  • The common tactics are Ram, scrat, and tower. Ram will flood the levels with the ground hoard minions. The script is one of the defensive tactics. The tower will flood the levels with the stun lancers.
  • You should need a sound card deck to play minion master.

What are the advantages of the minion master games?

What Are The Essential Tips For Playing The Minion Mater Decks?

The crucial advantages of the minion master game are given by,

  • It is one of the addictive card-based action games
  • Tactical gameplay
  • There are lots of ways to earn rewards in the games
  • It is a fair few game modes.

What are the best-advanced pro decks in the minion masters?

The best-advanced pro decks in the minion masters are given by,

Strong mordor deck: In this deck, both the offense and defense are terrific. The cost of the Mordor decks is 8900 shards to craft. It is composed of once bitten, elite swarmer, shock rock, Xiao long, and wizard puffs.

Control settsu deck: The cost of this deck is 5450 shards to craft. This deck is filled with a lot of low-cost units. It comprises the illusory cleaver, nether bat, black hole, bridge buddies, combustion, and denfenso chopper.

Powerful 2 vs. 2 diona deck: This card deck is used to controlling the bridges. This will require a high investment. The cost of this dick is 9050 shards to craft. It is composed of the illusory cleaver, bridge buddies, healing shrine, bannerman, ghost, and stormy.

These are the popular advanced pro decks for the minion masters games.

Final Verdict:

In this article, you will know about the minion masters decks essential features. You can play this game and get more rewards. It will play the necessary entertainment for video game lovers. It is a more exciting and thrilling game. Make your entertainment more joyful with the minion master games!!


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