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Kill Krug The Troll In Divinity Original Sin 2

Krugg The Troll is one of the most budding games around and has been doing rounds in recent times. It’s been around for a while now and has been a hot topic among gamers from all around the world. “How to kill Krug the Troll in Divinity Original Sin 2”, this is the question that has been worrying the gamers. Well, there is no need to worry anymore, as we bring to you some of the most essential tips. 

Powers of Krug the troll

Krug the troll is one of the toughest opponents to beat, you must be wondering about the different powers of Krug the troll.The most important characteristic power of Krug the troll is that he regains health after each round. That’s what makes it extremely difficult to beat him!

How to go further in divinity original sin troll cave?

Having an ability to teleport is one of the most important parts and can play an integral part in progressing further in the game. To kill the troll blood divinity, you can simply teleport him into the lava. This will kill him and help you progress in troll cave divinity instantly. If you do not own the teleporting powers of Krugg the troll, you can still kill him, however, you will have to put in more effort and time.

Kill Krug The Troll In Divinity Original Sin 2
Krug The Troll

The Krug’s power called troll blood divinity makes him all the more powerful. The troll blood divinity heals the health of the Krug by 2000-3000 at every turn. Even a team of 4 could find it extremely hard to kill krugg the troll in divinity 2. You keep damaging the krug but simultaneously the troll blood divinity keeps healing his health. Negating the healing is the key factor in beating drug the troll.

The only way to outshine the Krugs blood divinity is by applying the power of the highest denomination of each character you possess. Try to take the maximum power of the Krug in every turn by using the most powerful moves of each character. Having characters who can do all the high damage moves is further useful and could help you progress further in the divinity original sin troll cave. However, if you aren’t up for the challenging task then you should probably prefer buying a teleport spell or high damage spells from the shop. This will make the task much simpler.

How to get through the ancient temple? 

The ancient temple is a puzzle that acts as a hurdle in act 2 of the game. Getting through the ancient temple could be slightly challenging but has no shortcuts. It consists of 7 holy shrines. The primary method to solve it is by activating all the shrines in an orderly manner. You are required to concentrate on every minute aspect of the game to complete the puzzle and crack the order. However, if you’ve missed out on any information from Krug the troll, we’ve got it covered! 

Kill Krug The Troll In Divinity Original Sin 2
Krug The Troll

The solution can be obtained from an enemy corpse found inside the ancient temple. If you find this task exceedingly challenging and don’t wish to shred hours on cracking the puzzle, the solution is given below! If you’re not a big fan of spoilers and If you’re interested to do the challenging task and wish to fight it out with vigor then you should preferably skip this part! 

  • Madison: Magic
  • Tir Cendelius: Blood
  • Duna: Air
  • Zorl Stissa: Fire
  • Xantessa: Mind
  • Trogir: Muscle
  • Rhalic: Earth

Follow this order to activate the shrines. This will open the doorway to solving the puzzle. Completing the task would lead you to the fight against the boss. You will now need to defeat a bunch of Eternal Stalkers and The Eternal Aetera. The fight is not a very difficult task and you will probably be able to win it pretty soon. All the best folks! Keep gaming, hope you win the game soon! 


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