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How To Make a Water Elevator In Minecraft

Are you in the search of how to make a water elevator in Minecraft? If so, you may have come to the right place. Have you heard about Minecraft gameplay?

It is a massive game, which lets players enjoy as many items and elements as possible. Exploring all the aspects of the game is really challenging for you.

To make players more interactive, the game has recently received an aquatic update on its java edition. The aim of this update is to improve the use of water in the overall gameplay.

A Beginner Guide For Players To Build Minecraft Water Elevator

This is because water is likely to move several elements effectively. That way, you too can able to move up and down without drenching. Get ready to travel on water bubbles.

What Do You Need To Make Minecraft Water Elevator?

As far as minecraft is concerned, transportation plays an essential role. Two different kinds of transportation are available. The first one is horizontal transportation through minecart system whereas the second thing is vertical with elevators.

Here is the list of several items that you want to make a minecraft water elevator: water bucket, kelp, door, glass, magma block, and soul sand.

Step By Step Procedure To Follow:

To travel up and down, you need minecraft bubble elevator. In this guide, you can learn the process to make a water elevator used for traveling up and down without complications.

Fix Your Elevator Design And Collect Your Building Materials Accordingly:

A gap and a water bucket are enough to design a simple elevator. A soul sand minecraft, on the other hand, needs a water bucket, soul sand, sign, and sufficient kelp to reach your elevator height.

Bedrock does not need kelp in reality, as the soul sand uses bubbles to automatically convert flowing water into many water sources.

Fix Your Elevator Design And Collect Your Building Materials Accordingly:

Elevator Shaft Construction:

Designing an elevator shaft creatively is an easy job. However, you need to do it to survive. As per your preference, you can use any solid block to dig down your elevator shaft. The only thing you have to understand is to make the shaft a single block.

Try to dig down a block from the intended bottom. Then only, your soul sand gets the required space. At the bottom, use glass fences or panes to replace the two-block adjacent walls. Doing so will help your elevator get a diagonal entrance.

Pour Down Water:

Pour down the water bucket at the top of the elevator shaft. You may not need the assistance of kelp while playing in Bedrock.

Where To Keep Your Kelp:

Before placing the soul sand at the end of your water column, keep your kelp on all the blocks to move on. You can continue to place the kelp to reach the height of the shaft. Now, the flowing water gets changed to water resources.

Locate Your Soul Sand:

Move to the bottom and locate your soul sand to replace the kelp block. Now, you must get a minecraft elevator block, which carries you upward without the need of drowning. However, you would still need to find a way to get down.

Design A Drop Shaft:

A single block shaft is essential near the right height of your elevator. Afterward, you have to design a two-block high entrance to place your sign. This step is said to be the elevation in minecraft.

Design A Drop Shaft
Design A Drop Shaft:

Put Your Water Source In Position:

Place your water two blocks ahead of your sign. At last, you will get two blocks of flowing water. As soon as you drop, it will catch you and help in a safe & secure landing. Hereafter, reaching your deep mines is not at all an overwhelming process for you. Instead, you can achieve it easily and quickly as well.

You can repeat a similar process to enjoy magma blocks minecraft. But, you have to replace the soul sand with the magma block at the bottom. Be careful while standing on the magma block.

Don’t forget to walk out and restore your health while getting the elevator down. Otherwise, you may get trapped inside the blocks.

In fact, you cannot able to swim against the flowing current. If you do not have magma blocks at the bottom, players can also select other types of blocks. In this way, the fast flow will be removed downward and you would not receive air because of no bubbles.

How To Create Water Source Blocks:

Crafting water source blocks is now easy in various possible ways. However, making use of infinite water buckets is the most proven and tried method to build water sources. Also, this is one of the traditional and oldest ways to do so.

how to make a water elevator in minecraft
how to make a water elevator in minecraft

Make Infinite Water Sources:

Dig a deep block and 2/2 wide pit to diagonally place your water source

Once you placed those water sources in the diagonal direction, the water stops flowing and in turn, gives you infinite water sources. Here, buckets help you lot to carry as much water as you can.


how to make a water elevator in minecraft

Using kelp is yet another way of making water source blocks. Making use of kelp is a new method. An aquatic update was the first to use kelp. You can get an abundant amount of kelp from the ocean of any type. So, you don’t feel about its availability.

When you place the kelp in the flowing water, the kelp turns it into water source blocks. It is really a fun process to remove the kelp after making water source blocks from the flowing water. In recent days, many numbers of players have addicted to this technique since it is highly effective in making Minecraft elevators up and down.

Bottom Lines:

Maybe, you are now well-versed with the procedure on how to make a water elevator in minecraft with soul sand. As you do not need any intricate designs, you can make it in a simpler manner. Water elevators have their applications in several uses. In particular, you can develop automated transportation farms. Hurry up to make your transportation fast and efficient.


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