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How to breathe underwater in Minecraft ??

Video games have always been an integral part of human development. There are various discussions on the effects of video games on human lives. Especially the brain of the youngster’s different experts has different opinions on this. But one thing on which every expert will agree is that they are just a pocket mode of entertainment.

How to breathe underwater in Minecraft ??
How to breathe underwater in Minecraft

If you also like to play video games, then you might have come across Minecraft, a game which is famous for its simplicity and ease of use. It has driven many people crazy since its launch. The game has been officially published on various platforms like windows 10, PS 4, PS 3, play store etc.

The community of this game is increasing at a very fast rate and has now crossed over millions of peoples. If you have ever played this game then you must have come across this question of how to craft water breathing potions for minecraft underwater survival.

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This option allows you to breathe underwater in Minecraft for a longer duration and can explore things that are beneath the water. You may even find rare weapons or hearts content.

Let’s drive into the article to know more about ways to breathe underwater in Minecraft

Way to breathe underwater in Minecraft

In Minecraft, you can breathe underwater for 15 seconds. After that you will start to drown. That will cause your drown will two damage every 2 seconds. You can stop this damage by getting out of the water.

One way to increase your time of breathing underwater is through the respiration enchantment for the helmet and turtle shell which will increase your breathing time for 15 sec pe levels. Another way of breathing is through a bubble column which is created by magma blocks or sole sand at the bottom of the water.

The major drawback associated with bubble columns is that it will drag you in a particular direction. So, it is not the best way to breathe underwater. However, they can be used for transportation of items.

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By using water breathing potion one can survive under water which uses the brewing stand. When you use this brewing stand there will be a display on the screen which consists of various slots and in each slot specific items have to be placed.

For Example: left slot for fuel, where you can use only blaze powder. The top slot is where you place the item that is to be distilled and bottom three slots are for potion or water bottles which collect the distilled items.

The last way of breathing underwater is conduit.

How to make a water breathing potion

How to breathe underwater in Minecraft ??

To create a water-breathing potion one has to place water bottles in the bottom three slots. Then you will have to distill the nether words into these bottles to create awkward potions. This is a base potion. To convert the awkward potion to a breathing potion you have to distill pufferfish which creates breathing potions that can help your character to survive for 3 minutes underwater. You can catch pufferfish with the help of an unenchanted fishing rod.

However, there are other methods also like killing guardians. In order to further increase the breathing potion time to 8 minutes you can distil red stone dust into the potion of water breathing.

How to breathe underwater in Minecraft without potions

One way to survive underwater with the help of a bucket so material required will be a bucket and you need to follow the following steps.

How to breathe underwater in Minecraft ??
How to breathe underwater in Minecraft ??

Step 1: Hold a bucket in your hand by selecting a bucket in the hotbar.

Step 2: Next thing you need to do is to face a solid object and use your bucket frequently to restore the air. You can use a bucket in either direction which will depend upon the direction of the face.

Each time you fill the bucket with air a small amount of air will be added to your air bar. You can manage the space at which the air is added by changing your face direction towards or away from solid blocks.

How to get Minecraft underwater breathing helmet

One can get an underwater breathing helmet with the help of turtle craft. First you will need a shear to cut the seagrass. These sea grass will be used as a feeder for turtles. Once you have that shears then you need to go to the sea where you can find turtles. After finding the turtle, feed them with grass and wait for one to leave to follow the turtle who has left. The turtle that has left will go deep inside the sea to lay eggs. Scots are formed when a young turtle becomes adult and collects at least 2 or 10 scots then go to enacting a table where you can create a helmet. It is always recommended to create two helmets.


Hope you will find this article, lightning enough to help you know how to breathe underwater in Minecraft. It will also help you to create underwater cities.

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