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Blade & Soul Class tier list for Players

Blade & Soul combat was fun and distinctive since its launch back in 2012, and it manages to stay true to each trait in 2019! Each category encompasses a distinctive playstyle, creating it not possible to not fall soft on with a minimum of one in all one in all, and giving nice replicability, to an otherwise. content-less MMORPG.

There is no gender-lock here luckily, however there’s a “race-lock”, that means not all races will become all categories. I wouldn’t say it’s limiting in any respect though principally as a result of the three races look an excessive amount of alike (Jin, Gon, Yun), and Lyn, the kid race makes for a few a lot of selection, giving a pair of distinctive categories of their own likewise for all the lovers over there.

Blade and soul classes

There are few classes though which on can choose their Blade and soul classes

Blade & Soul Class tier list for Players
Blade & Soul Class tier list for Players

To enjoy the most favorite character: –

Blade Master

Wielding a deadly brand, the Blade Master is often thought of as your typical, well-rounded soul category. they need a spread of each offensive and defensive talents, creating them a perfect suitable player’s agency area unit reaching to be operating through most of the story while not a celebration.

Conversely, their skillset lets them work into nearly any cluster while not a lot of fuss. Would the party like a DPS class? The Blade Master will step in. Do they have somebody the agency will succeed with a touch of tanking? The Blade master will handle that, too.

The Blade grade is obtainable to Jin and Yun.

Kung Fu Master

Kung Fu Master’s use gauntlet’s as their go-to weapon. They are one in every of the foremost tough categories to play in Blade & Soul Revolution, as they swear heavily on their ability to parry enemy attacks and perform devastating counters.

However, if you are able to master their talent set, they’re an associate degree offensive force to be reckoned with. Few different categories within the game will match a martial art Master’s output, though they do not have several healing or buff talents to assist out their teammates.

The martial art grade is obtainable to Jin and Gon.

Force Master

Blade & Soul Revolution’s Force Master is actually the game’s mage. Their weapon of alternative could be a bangle, and that they use chi to deal injury at a distance. Force Masters speciality is victimisation talents with an oversized space of impact. This makes them good for control once up against dozens of foes and area units a boon to any party they link up with.

All that military posture comes at a price, however, as they need subpar defence and wish to remain out of close-quarter combat. However, once you’ve found a way to evade enemies whereas at the same time throw your spells, the category is one in every of the best to use within the game.

The Force grade is obtainable to Lyn and Yun


If you are looking to fight aboard a pet and use the ability of nature against your foes, you will need to run as a Summoner. This eco-conscious category works at the side of a pet – referred to as a well-known – to supply buffs, healing, and different attribute bonuses to their team. they’ll additionally use a number of devastating offensive skills with their employees, giving them heaps of skillfully on the piece of land.

Much like Force Masters, Summoners have a coffee tolerance for pain. Prepare to be dodging attacks and fear from high-level foes, as Summoner’s defence is one of every of the worst in Blade & Soul Revolution.

The Summoner category is barely obtainable to Lyn.

Anyone trying to find a straightforward, tank-like category can love everything offered by the Destroyer. What they lack in offensive military posture is over created up for with the most effective in-game defence. These behemoths lumber into battle with a large axe, though their offensive talents are a unit slightly below average.


Still, no party is complete while not a Destroyer, as they’re going to take purpose on most missions – absorbing enemy attacks sort of a sponge. We’d extremely suggest giving this category an effort if you are unaccustomed to the MMO genre, as their high defence makes them terribly forgiving whereas learning the intricacies of combat.

The Destroyer category is barely obtainable to Gon

Blade and soul what class to play

The ultimate MMORPG not solely inherits the essence of the shopper games, however conjointly has been reset and simplified to form it additional appropriate for players to induce started and level up, supplying you with supreme recreation expertise. However, if you would like to play Blade & Soul Revolution well, you wish to be told additional regarding all categories within the game so you can reasonably assign them to the tract and maximize their talents.

 Luckily, this text goes to administer you a short introduction about the categories of Blade & Soul Revolution, providing a reference once you select a game character.

It is worth mentioning the four categories in Blade & Soul Revolution: Blade Master, Kung-Fu Master, Soul Fighter, and Force Master. every of the four categories has its strengths, variations in problem, and ability. all of them play a key role within the dungeon and daily spawning. you’ll learn additional within the following.


Blade Master

Optional Race: Jin, Gon

Difficulty: Medium

Blade Master is one in every of the categories with the foremost balanced attribute. His official position may be a tank. However, his defence and output talents are considerable because of the actual fact that Blade Master’s skills are a unit comparatively easy and economical, and conjointly ought to take control of novice’ levelling duties. The disadvantage of Blade Master is their cluster attack ability and suppleness area unit each slightly inferior. to boot, Blade Master may be a good category.

It can be mentioned that the category may be a “one-size-fits-all” class United Nations agency is helpful in PVE and PVP recreation mode. In terms of PVP, he has to mean the one management skills, and quickly play out combos to finish the plow through sturdy management and acceleration effects to approach the opponent.

As for the PVE, Blade Masters are often a main force to soak up injury and facilitate teammates gathering along. Within the dungeon, he’s able to benefit from his high resistance to boost error rate.

Kung-Fu Master

Optional Race: Jin, Yun

Difficulty: Medium

Kung-Fu Master is additionally a category with balanced attributes, like Blade Master. However, compared with Blade Master, Kung-Fu Master is additional appropriate for players with rich recreation expertise due to higher operational. a wonderful Kung-Fu can use the last word output to play a defensive impact, therefore the opponent is unable to separate himself within the overwhelming offensive.

Force Master

Optional Race: Lyn, Gon

Difficulty: High

Force Master is in a position to use internal force to attack distant enemies, and manage multiple objects within the distance at the same time. He’s presently the sole character United Nations agency will do well in long-distance attacks. A great advantage of Force Master is his final burst output. no one will his set of attacks. Thus, levelling up is simple for him. within the dungeon, he may also acquire employment simply.


Optional Race: Yun

Difficulty: Low

Destroyer is additionally a tank with full defensive purpose. He’s smart at blocking short-range enemies’ victimization and iron-walled protection. they need high vitality and defensive talents, still as fully armed to resist enemy attacks with various buffs. It is often mentioned that Destroyer may be a category with the toughest appearance because all his skills are unit two-handed over injury reduction and management. His sturdy defensive ability provides him the strongest survival guarantee in PVE.

From level seventy, Destroyer’s varied injury reduction skills have a charming impact against bosses whose level is more than Destroyer’s level. However, his output power is the lowest during this game. At present, powerful output will dominate within the PVE as a result of the impact of the tank can step by step cut back. Therefore, Destroyer plays a larger role in PVE, however principally he’s cultivated as a deputy occupation, and novice’s level coaching isn’t counselled.

Blade And Soul Best Pvp Class

Blade Masters is a really balanced category with a good variety of skills for each offensive and obstruction. although they’re a battle royal DPS category, ranged enemies are not a haul for them as they’ll simply use gap closers to urge to their enemies and conjointly block their attacks with some calculated temporal order. If you’re a flexible player UN agency desires to be ready to tank or DPS then Blade Master is for you. conjointly Blade Masters will fight pretty equally against most alternative categories in PvP while not abundant benefits or disadvantages.


Has a good ability kit that permits you to play each sharply and defensively at constant time, you’ll even full on block enemy skills.


Doesn’t have too several control skills

Heavily depends on the temporal order of the block ability in PvP

In PvE, they’re principally vie as a Tank or offensive Tank whereas in PvP, they’re vie as a burst vogue DPS category wherever you employ your gap nearer and unleash your dance band and trust your block ability whereas looking ahead to your ability to travel off cooldown.

Is Blade and Soul price enjoying in 2020?

Over the course of our month streaming we have a tendency to ought to play with heaps of you guys which was heaps of fun. The multiplayer facet of MMOs is what draws people to the genre in spite of everything.

Dungeons, raids, PvP, world bosses, guilds. a way of community is {very important} in games like this and levelling with a gaggle could be a very regardful experience, despite the sport.

The levelling expertise itself in Blade & Soul is hit and miss. The games levelling expertise has been truncated quite considerably over the years, with players solely being needed to follow at the side of the most story to level.

Side quests, grinding monsters, dungeons – there’s no purpose to any of them aside from to reach consequent space. Heck, once I became accustomed to playing actively, dungeons were accustomed to provide you with weapons that were really higher than what you had after you entered them, therefore there was a purpose behind farming them.

Now don’t get Maine wrong, the story itself is, whereas a touch “Shounen,” i suppose is that the term I’ll use, pretty simple to follow and attention-grabbing enough to warrant not skipping. but abundant of the story is solo – instances that square measure needed to be completed solo. Areas wherever you’re brought to an end from teams and alternative players all at once.

This makes it rather more tough to level with alternative players – wherever there accustomed be a purpose to running with alternative players, with however simple the sport has become and the way very little content is completed inside a gaggle, I desire the sport is a lot of solo expertise up till late-game.

Blade & Soul’s combat could be a mixture between 2 totally different kinds of combat: Reactive and skill-based. you’ve got access to a basic ability guaranteed to your left-mouse button and blocks.

Then you’ve got further skills guaranteed to keys on your hotbar, damaging skills, control skills, heck, many categories really possess the power to heal themselves or those around them if they describe it. Blade & Soul features an extremely interactive combat system that isn’t extremely replicated fairly often in alternative MMOs.


Hopefully this guide has been useful and given you some insight into every character so that one can enjoy blade and soul at its best. Every feature and class has its own uniqueness which can make your fun more and unlimited. Blade and soul is one which is more in demand and highly recommendable in 2021.

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